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AUD 350.00

Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp

Sunday March 30th 9.00-5.00
April 1 6.00-9.00
April 2 6.00-9.00

This Boot camp will run over one day and two evenings.

The content is Version1.5 is a combination of the original 2-day v1.0 combined with all the new stuff that is added in v2.0!

Discussion and feedback on previous Boot Camps

Selected Content
• Short or long term use of foot orthotics?
• Deconstruction all the social media crap on foot orthotics and running form
• Why do overuse injuries occur?
• SAID – Specific adaptation to imposed demand
• Lower the force or increase the ability of the tissue to take the force?
• How to increase the ability of tissues to take the force
• How to spot cherry picking, confirmations bias and the usual trope of argumentative fallacies
• Toning Shoes
• Minimalism vs Maximalism
• What’s more important: Proximal or distal control of the lower limb?
• Tabulation of foot orthotic design features for prescription variables
• When to run which way; deciding which running ‘form’ is better for which individual
• Making clinical decisions in the context of all the online and media driven rhetoric and propaganda
• Running shoes, foot orthotics and their effect on muscle strength
• Advising runners and facilitating the transition to different running forms
• Increased understanding of the role of fascia in foot biomechanics
• Trends vs Fads; the gullibility of the athletic market
• The running shoes and knee osteoarthritis debacle
• The ideaomotor scam
• What role do impact forces really play in injury?
• “I read on a blog orthotics are evil and should be banned”
• Which injuries are more common in which running form or technique?
• Why do people believe in weird things?
• What to do in the absence of evidence
• Solving the problem of which running shoe prescription when
• Role of forces vs role of motion; the pronation myth; the foot orthoses paradox
• Clinical tests to derive orthotic prescription variables
• Foot orthotic design features to deliver the prescription variables
• Supination resistance; ais variations; lunge test; windlass forces; role of ‘stiffness’
• Pathology specific prescribing
• Patellofemoral pain syndrome; medial knee osteoarthritis; Achilles tendinitis
• Negative model method; positive model production
• Custom vs library vs prefabricated; different approaches (MASS; FTT; etc)

Cost: The cost is AUD$350 (this is less than the usual Clinical Biomechanics Boot camp, but is because of the less catering for the two evening sessions)

Please contact us if you require and invoice for your organization.

Wellness on Wellington
1101 Wellington Road
Rowville, 3178

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