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Created by Craig

AUD 465.00

Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp; Dublin; 2 & 3 May

This will probably be the only Boot Camp in Europe this year.
Version1.5 is a combination of the original 2-day v1.0 combined with all the new stuff that is added in v2.0!

Discussion and feedback on previous Boot Camps

Selected Content:
• Short or long term use of foot orthotics?
• Deconstruction all the social media crap on foot orthotics and running form
• Why do overuse injuries occur?
• SAID – Specific adaptation to imposed demand
• Lower the force or increase the ability of the tissue to take the force?
• How to increase the ability of tissues to take the force
• How to spot cherry picking, confirmations bias and the usual trope of argumentative fallacies
• Toning Shoes
• Minimalism vs Maximalism
• What’s more important: Proximal or distal control of the lower limb?
• Tabulation of foot orthotic design features for prescription variables
• When to run which way; deciding which running ‘form’ is better for which individual
• Making clinical decisions in the context of all the online and media driven rhetoric and propaganda
• Running shoes, foot orthotics and their effect on muscle strength
• Advising runners and facilitating the transition to different running forms
• Increased understanding of the role of fascia in foot biomechanics
• Trends vs Fads; the gullibility of the athletic market
• The running shoes and knee osteoarthritis debacle
• The ideaomotor scam
• What role do impact forces really play in injury?
• “I read on a blog orthotics are evil and should be banned”
• Which injuries are more common in which running form or technique?
• Why do people believe in weird things?
• What to do in the absence of evidence
• Solving the problem of which running shoe prescription when
• Role of forces vs role of motion; the pronation myth; the foot orthoses paradox
• Clinical tests to derive orthotic prescription variables
• Foot orthotic design features to deliver the prescription variables
• Supination resistance; ais variations; lunge test; windlass forces; role of ‘stiffness’
• Pathology specific prescribing
• Patellofemoral pain syndrome; medial knee osteoarthritis; Achilles tendinitis
• Negative model method; positive model production
• Custom vs library vs prefabricated; different approaches (MASS; FTT; etc)

Cost: The cost is £245.00 which includes includes notes and food/drink etc (the PayPal link below is for that amount, but the silly software we use displays the amount as AUD$465 above – just ignore that!

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Venue: Clontarf Castle

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