Concussion is in the news a lot lately and protocols for their acute management have become stricter in most sports as more is known about the long term consequences of repeat concussions. For example, a third of kids who have a concussion develop long term mental health and emotional issues. New laws and rules are being implemented by sporting codes and others are under pressure to do more. I have previously blogged about why I think podiatrists should be concerned about concussion and there is a long thread at Podiatry Arena on concussion.

I see concussion as a major public health issue and podiatrists (and all health professionals) should be concerned and active in advocating on all public health issues (eg smoking, obesity, etc). We should be helping getting all the messages across.

The other reason is that post-concussion is that there is an increased risk for lower extremity injury. More than 30 or so studies now show that.

Finally, we are parents and members of the community and our kids play sport. We may need to step up and use the first aid skills if there is a knock to the head at sport.

I urge all Podiatrists to get involved and interested and become advocates for this public health issue.