This is an interesting one. According to a search engine keyword tool, the phrase ‘severs disease in adults‘ is searched for up to 700 times a month! That is 700 people looking for information on Server’s disease (Calcaneal apophysitis) occurring in adults. It is impossible for Severs disease to occur in adults, so I am not so sure what they are actually looking for.

Severs disease is a disorder of the growth plate at the back of the calcaneus. That growth plate merges with the rest of the calcaneus about the mid-teenage years. There is no growth plate there after that time, so it is impossible for Severs disease to be a problem in adults.

It could be that people are searching for information if the Severs disease that children get can continue to be a problem as they become adults (it doesn’t).

It could be that they have heard that Severs disease is common in children and they want to know if it could be the cause of there heel pain as an adults (its not). Heel pain is reasonably common in adults and it has many causes. Severs disease is just not one of them.