The ‘Bauer Bump’ was a new word I only recently heard about and wrote here about it. The Bauer Bump is a haglund’s deformity that becomes painful in ice skates and Bauer are one of the most well known brands of ice skate, hence the term Bauer Bump. I had been well aware of the issue of Haglund’s deformity and that it was a problem in the rigid ice skate and had treated a number over the years (and I grew up going ice skating a lot!), I had just not come across the term, Bauer’s Bump.

After learning of the term, I did a bit of a deep dive into the ice skating and ice hockey lay literature, websites and social media to see just how commonly it was called this. It was commonly called that and there were a lot of questions on ice skating forums and social media sites from ice skater about it.

I was also impressed at the depth and extent of knowledge about the condition in the ice skate industry and what could be done to treat it. They certainly appeared to be doing a better job of looking after it than I was!! The ice skate experts have at their disposal tools that can be used to modify the shell of the skate to get pressure of the lump of the Haglund’s deformity. They are very valuable people because of that. If you have a patient with a Bauer’s bump, reach out to these skate fitters.