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18 Cotober : Is overpronation a problem?. The evidence says it is More
8 September : 100 up running. A very popular drill that runners can do. More
4 January : Toning Shoes. The popularlity is waning, but they have ther uses.. More
4 March : Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. This appears to be getting more common. More
4 March : Archies. This appears to be getting more common. More
25 November: The Effects of Forefoot Varus Posting. Is a forefoot varus post potentially injurious? More
25 August: The Cluffy Wedge. This is not a new orthotic modification, but has recently increased in popularity since being described as the Cluffy Wedge. More
8 July 2010: Peroneal tendonitis "I just used to hate seeing in clinical practice... but my I got the impression that my success rate in treating it seemed to be about 100% failure!" More
16 March 2010: Plantar Fasciitis "There is only one way to fix plantar fasciitis ...." More
27 November 2009: What is the normal range of motion for the ankle ioint? "This is something that has troubled me for a long time.What is the normal range of motion for the ankle joint? I have no idea!...." More

17 October 2009: Do MBT Shoes Work?

"....was when they claimed to treat cellulite, so I immediately put them in the ‘snake oil’ category and dismissed them" More

23 September 2009: Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

"I read them all and think about them trying to sort out what it is and I still don’t get it." More

20 September 2009: Do Rigid Foot Orthotics Work?

"Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods? Can a duck swim?" "...but anyone with half a brain..." More

16 September 2009: Is the tibialis anterior muscle an inverter or everter of the foot?
This make a good trick question for the students.....and you thought we knew how the foot functioned!  More

16 September 2009: Proprioceptive Insoles

"Are the supporters so blind that they cannot see this? How can there be a rational discussion with people with blinkers on?" " I just wish some members of the fan club could explain why they think that there should be blind faith in the approach and no critical appraisal?" More

9 September 2009: Why do you do a gait analysis for?

"I love being the provocateur!  .... What is the ethics of doing any clinical testing, if the outcome of that clinical testing has no potential to change your treatment? ... think about it!" More

29 August 2009: Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)

".. is the posterior tibial muscle actually weaker or is it actually very strong, but just has poor lever arm to supinate the foot and give the appearance that it is weak?" More

26 August 2009: Chi Running

"Opinion is clearly divided on this" More

24 August 2009: Foot Pronation and Structural Leg Length Difference

"It just does not figure that the myth continues, when ALL the evidence says it does not happen." More

20 August 2009: Achilles tendonitis treatment with foot orthotics

" ... I just did not buy any of this as it made no sense to me. " More

15 August 2009: Barefoot Running

"They are like religious zealots that are fanatical about it. They use nonsensical non-scientific mumbo jumbo to support what they do...." More

8 August 2009: MASS Position Theory for Foot Orthotic Therapy 

"It is also interesting to see participant’s reactions to observing the two radically different shapes " More

26 July 2009: Shank Dependent and Independent Foot Orthotics

"This is a crucial early decision in the best way to deliver the prescription variables that are needed.More

25 July 2009: The MOSI Foot Orthotic

"...its all about getting the force needed in the right place ..." More

16 July 2009: Reconceptualising Functional Hallux Limitus

"...the aims of foot orthoses are to lower the stiffness curve, steepen the initial part of the curve if its flat and smooth the curve..." More

9 July 2009: Lateral Foot Wedging for Medial Knee Osteoarthritis

"The foot is NOT at increased risk..." More

4 July 2009: Normal Range of Motion for the Subtalar Joint

"There is no normal range" More

1 July 2009: Arm Strength and Supination Resistance

"...I don't think I have ever disagreed with someone this much before..." More

11 June 2009: Asymmetrical Density Heel Raises

"...then its is assumed that one foot is moving faster than the other and the person wants to keep walking in a circle!" More

8 June 2009: Payne's Law

"The only problem with the law, is that those who it should mostly apply to are the least likely to realise it." More

5 June 2009: Do Foot Orthotics Weaken Arch Muscles?

"What I don't let on, is that I know what the evidence does say. .... Why do so many continue to promote this concept when the theoretical arguments and the evidence does not support it?" More

3 June 2009: Bad Research on Morton's Neuroma and Shockwave Therapy

"The authors concluded “Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is a possible alternative to surgical excision for Morton’s neuroma” ... The authors data actually showed that shockwave therapy for interdigital neuromas was no better than a placebo!" More

29 May 2009: Navicular Drop and Navicular Drift

"Final word: How do I treat those with a ...... I refer to them to my enemies" More

27 May 2009: I Don't Care if I am Wrong

"I don't think I am wrong, but I often say at the Boot Camps, that I don't care if I am.. BUT, what I do is challenge those who think I might be wrong to come up with an alternative explanation for what is seen." More

23 May 2009: Reconceptualising Foot Orthotic Prescribing
"I am so over the debate that goes on between things like: custom made foot orthotics vs prefabricated foot orthotics; rigid vs soft vs flexible foot orthotics .... Move on; get over it." More

23 May 2009: Foot orthoses for anterior knee pain

"So we have: A model that is wrong; but treatments based on that model work.No wonder critics look cynically at the whole concept of foot orthoses for anterior knee pain..." More

23 May 2009: Parish and Bell

"The most alarming thing for me in this whole episode is that those running Parish and Bell are not being held accountable .... Most health professionals involved in using foot orthotics are registered or licensed to practice" More

23 May 2009: Casting vs Negative Model Production

"Now with all the lines being blurred between the different types of foot orthotics and the newer technologies being developed and the older methods being more widely used..." More


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