Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp  
The practical application of all the latest thoughts, ideas, concepts, theories and research  

Facilitator / Instructor

The Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camps are facilitated and conducted by Major Craig Payne (more on the movie about Major Payne here!). A number of drill sargents do pitch in to help. Help has also been given in the past by General Norman Murphy and Brigadier Bruce Williams.

Craig is a part time Senior Lecturer in the Department of Podiatry and full time dad to the Arena'ettes. His undergraduate teaching responsibilities span biomechanics, diabetes, paediatrics and rheumatology. Craig is widely published in these areas and lecturers frequently at national and international conferences as well as the Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camps. His main research interest is currently the determinants of foot orthoses outcomes.



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Craigs other projects include a video channel (Podiatry Soapbox). He is also involved in online delivery of contnuing professional development (Podiatry CPD), a book (Podiatry PDQ) and blogs (Podiatry Update) and a wiki (PodoPaedia) and also a Running Blog.


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