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1 July 2009
Arm strength and supination resistance

At a recent Boot Camp in Gloucester, I got taught an interesting lesson. During one of the practical sessions in which we were practicing the supination resistance test I was asked by a participant to come and look at what was described as a very high supination resistance. I tried it and though it was easy! I do not think I have disagreed as much with anyone over this test. It was puzzling as to why we both thought it was so different. I had a lot of experience in the test; she had none. So who was right?

It turned out that she thought everyone in the group was high, then I realised it was purely an arm strength issue. I like to think my arms are strong as I workout! Please excuse any sexism in this, but she was a small petite female with not a lot of arm strength (we did not have an arm wrestle to confirm it though!) .

The lesson that I learnt is that before applying the supination resistance test clinically, you really need to do it on a number of people to get a good feel for what is high, medium or low. Its no use me telling you, as we all have different arm strengths and will interpret the test differently until enough experience has been gained.

Craig Payne


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