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 8 June 2009
Payne's Law

I created this law many years ago. I think it has stood the test of time.

"The amount of passion involved in supporting a theory and the amount of emotional attachment to a theory is inversely proportional to the amount of evidence for that theory"

This law is really easy to see in action. Just follow some of the threads on Podiatry Arena debating the different clinical biomechanical theories that underpin the use of foot orthoses. Its easy to see how defensive and passionate some get about a particular theory as flaws get pointed out and the lack of evidence being found to support the approach.

It is fun to watch. The only problem with the law, is that those who it should mostly apply to are the least likely to realise it.

A large part of the Boot Camp is aimed at giving those the skills to better appreciate the role of theory and evidence in clinical practic, especially being better able to critical evaluate the different and emerging theories or protocols. More


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