Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp  
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Frequently Asked Questions

What level is the Boot Camp aimed at?

By accident and not by design, the Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp is suitable for all level of experience in foot biomechanics and foot orthotics. We never planned it that way; its just the way it comes across. There is none of the level one, level two, advanced, etc. There is no need to for this. Those with vested interests in withholding the 'secret' tend to run courses like that. Just check the feedback - eveyone seems to get something practical and worthwhile out it, regardless of their level of knowledge.


When are you coming to "insert city name"?

When do you want it? If you have 10-12 or more people who could come, let us know and we will see what we can do about fitting one in. Otherwise watch the upcoming dates and/or sign up for the newsletter.


I went to a Boot Camp a year ago, is it worth going again?

Great efforts are put into making the Boot Camp current and topical; content is always being updated and modified as new research becomes available; new concepts evolve and refined. Nothing is static. The Boot Camps are always on the cutting edge (ask those who have been). All those who have to a second Boot Camp have not been disappointed.


What commercial links does the Boot Camp have?

NONE. We have no product to promote or sell. We are not biased by any commercial interests.HOWEVER, we do rely on the assistance of some companies to help with the organisation and sponsor us with products used for the practical sessions (otherwise we would have to charge more). Any commercial links are made clear at the start of each Boot Camp. In light of that, Algeo's have generously helped with some of the 'on the ground' organisational issues for UK Boot Camps and have provided the foam boxes for the casting practicals, which is something we are grateful for.


Can I attend just one of the days?

You can, but its not recommended as the second day builds on the first.Those that have attended one day have always been extremely disappointed that they could not attend the second day after the first.


Can I get a refund if I pay and then decide not to go?

Yes. But, be patient. We can easily reverse PayPal payments if the request for a refund is within 60 days of payment. Otherwise we need to raise a cheque.


If we have a number of staff attending can we get a bulk discount?

We do try to keep the Boot Camps simple and do not want to overload ourselves with administration issues, so we would prefer not to. We can do a deal. For example, if you have more than 5, we probably can give one freebie.However, we do ask that if you want this, that you register early. This make the numbers more predictable for us and sorting catering, etc.


Do I have to pay via PayPal?

This will depend on who the host of the Boot Camp is.The ones hosted by Podiatry Arena do accept payment via PayPal. This makes life administrativly simple and is prefered. If you can not pay this way, please contact us.


Discount for Hotel accomodation?

We keep the Boot Camps small, so we do not carry much weight to negotiate accomodation deals for the small number staying at the hotel.


I paid and now what?

Did you get the thank you page after paying?


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